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Buffet Crampon R13
Grenadilla Wood Clarinet

Sultry Dark Chocolate 1965
S.N. 82667
DEEP Dark Chocolate Tone
"Benny Goodman"

No cracks / defects now or ever

This is a coveted 1965 R13 Buffet Crampon Grenadilla Wooden Clarinet, for a professional looking for non plated SOLID nickel keys for the fast slip factor, a deep rich dark chocolate throat, fast response, fast quick agile key action, tight mechanisms with no lateral movement, and a great solid horn that is ready for a player (not blown out, will play on forever), with PRO grade set up. This horn and those from the mid 1960's era reminds us of the "Benny Goodman style". Goodman could play it anyway he wanted, he did use a deep dark throat horn.

Many of our jazz customers use horns from the 1960's. They are just darker, deeper, and richer than horns to today, require more oooomgh (like the Selmer Mark VI horns for the Saxophone players). This horn does not have any dirt nor any edge in the tone, it is smooth as can be yet with your own style, reed and mouthpiece you can make it play how you wish.

We do go through many R13 clarinet horns, inspecting each from every angle, even taking some apart, long before overhauling or selling them. We reject quite a few as they do not pass our very strick inspection. We never waste our time and money on a horn that has cracks, defects, rocking keys and mechansims, twisted mechs or misaligned keys, roll in the wood or glued in the wood, mismatched serial numbers on the joints (both upper and lower stack serial number must match and be shown clearly), incorrect barrel or bell.

EVERY Buffet Clarinet sold is PROVEN a great horn before we overhaul. Its no suprise to us that it turns out outstanding and fantastic after we put in a tremendous amount of time money and energy making them sing as they should. We then have many Pro clarinet players in our shop and we hand them our horns to get a read, no pun intended. Best seen by many eyes, and played by many hands, and tonal quality response judged by many ears BEFORE we describe what you are buying. All that is needed is a player at the helm.

This clarinet has "The Buffet Crampon R13" quality of tone, character, and responsiveness. Every good Buffet Crampon R13 sounds great in its own way. Some are easier and sweeter, some have an edge, some are more classical and rounded, some thick deep dark chocolate as is this horn from the early 1960's. This horn is very characteristic of the R13's of this era, deep, dark, thick and rich. It also is a great instrument (Quality / Physically / Original / Proper Markings / Keys and Mechs / Wood).

It has a very deep dark rich smooth tone, with a wonderful Benny Goodman style. Much has to do with the player as well however, with a 2 1/2 reed and basic Vandoren mouthpiece, this R13 sings. Imagine what it can do with a better player, higher grade reed and your own mouthpiece and ligature.

It is very smooth and dark, full rich deep tone. Capable of Jazz, smooth classical, needs a player with some experience under their belt and it will sing (older horns sometimes need more wind than many of the newer horns). If you want an easier playing horn, check out our 1987 listed, that horn is sweet and lovely enough for a newer player with less experience yet enough for a Pro. This one needs more wind, more experience, minimum High School if not more advanced.

The transitions between the registers are nothing less than flawless. Response at the bridge is quick, agile allowing the notes to pop with clarity and ease. The instrument needs only a light fast touch, no squeezing. No glue holding anything together, the mechs are ROCK solid.

Think "Benny Goodman", "very dark and deep" and also "smooth dark and classical", no edge. Familiar with the Mark VI Selmer? Deep throat

Pefect for orchestra, classical or smooth jazz and fast jazz without dirt, not a light tone, very rich and thick. It may also fit in with the growing new styles of music.

This is a GREAT FIND - you don't need to buy a 1960's and take a chance then find a technician and see what happens in overhaul.

This one is READY TO GO, RELIABLE and will be a VERY STABLE instrument

It will remain stable due to this Professional Grade step up. You will not be on stage performing only to find that your notes are just suddenly not clear due to a slipping pad. You cannot afford to have that happen, no matter what your level, as it impairs your performance, decreases your confidence, and costs you money and time in the shop. You will not need to sqeeze the keys to have a perfect seal. You will not need to compensate for a poorly set up clarinet. You will only need to pick this up and play at your best.

Professionals have their instrument prepared with a Prof. Grade Set Up, much better than what comes direct from Buffet Crampon, to ensure reliability, clarity of notes, longevity between service intervals, and perfection of tone and keywork. We believe simply, that you cannot judge a clarinet without The Best Set Up, nor trust it for performance. Thus, as you can read below, we put much time and money into the instrument before we place it into the hands of the musician, and we only do so when we have a fantastic instrument to begin with.

You may expect to pull this out of the box and play it. It has sealing leather pads, with a PRO grade set up (cork on the upper stack, all treated leather pads on the lower stack)

No $500 overhauls or other repair bills. No need to send out for a Pro grade set up. This will seal well, and last you a long time

No fish skin or other lower cost pads most often used on the lower with your new horn or $400 Brannen Chicago horn set up, absorb moisture, tear and wear quickly - causing a non performing instrument. A Pro set up costs around $600 !!


Full disassembley

Polishing the keys and mechanisms - no plating issues now or ever - pure nickel keys polish up forever

Oiled (soaked in a mixture of organic non nut oils until it will absorb no more)

Installation of treated leather pads on lower stack

All new natural cork on the upper stack

Replacement Natural Cork (bumpers and tenons)

Replacement of the felts

Re Assembly

Fine Tuning and Adjustments

Testing by our clarinet player and many Prof. as they come into the shop

Plus many other fine details......


ETCHINGS LOGOS and Serial Numbers
Clear Buffet impressions. No numbers on bell or barrel which is consistent with this era.

Matching serial numbers clear and easy to see on lower and upper stack

Guarantee / Markings / Authenticity
While there are many authentic R13 clarinets not in the database or even not correctly specified, you may rest assured that this is an R13 as:

1). We know and sell many R13 Clarinets
2). This serial number appears correctly in the Buffet Crampon database
3). The serial number matches on both upper and lower joint (very important !!)
4). It has all of the proper stampings and plays beautifully
5). We have handled and played R13 clarinets from the 1950's to brand new - we know our instruments
6). This R13 is so rich consistant with the time period, it could not possibly be anything else


This instrument does show its face in the oh so non reliable Buffet Crampon database (approx. 75% or less reliable...). If you do your research, you will find this instrument in the database as shown below:

Brand : Buffet Crampon

Model R13

DOM: 1965


Buffet Crampon newer Brown Leather Case with handle. We can add a soft sided case for +$30.00 so you will have 2 cases.

We do not recommend using the factory Buffet Crampon case when traveling with your instrument to / from gigs, school, lessons, orchestra, etc. A soft sided padded zip travel case will zip out the elements and protect your instrument.

International customers - we will not ship in this case and will ship in a more protective travel or padded case with zipper & shoulder strap.