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1986 Solid Sterling Silver Flute

Serviced by Prof. Flute technician

Case shows much use but is structurally sound.

Note: we have not used a buffing machine on this flute. This flute has been hand polished. Please do not expect a bright shiny flute. Please expect a few minor metal imperfections on any used flute.

Please do not expect a new flute. This flute is 30 yrs old, sounds and plays lovely and will last the rest or your life.


Haynes Solid Sterling Silver Handmade Flute
Soldered Tone Holes
Solid Sterling including keys & mechanisms
12kt gold springs
Open Holes
French Pointed Key Arms
Inline G
C foot joint
French Case
Deveau Scale
A=442 Hz modern pitch

If purchased new this flute would cost approx. $12,500
This is a lovely 1986 William S. Haynes Flute
This flute will last forever and the keys and mechanisms will stay even, fast fluid flawless an quiet

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