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Brio Sterling Silver Flute

Condition: New / May have been a store demo / all original equipment / set up by a certified flute technician

Retails new at around $2000 / discounted price approx. $1539 /Our price $899


Sterling Silver Head joint by Dana Sheridan

Sterling Silver Body and B foot joint

Open holes

Offset G

c gizmo key

French Case

Outer Carry Bag

Cleaning Rod


The Brio! B20 flute features the head joint designed by famous flute head joint maker Dana Sheridan. It is hand cut and moves the flute up down and all around, making it easier to high the highs and low notes, and move from throughout the octaves while producing a rich full tone.

Articulation is a breeze, the flute moves fast, and provides ample projection and volume.



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