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Brio! 2.0 Sterling Silver Flute with C# Trill Key

Retails at approx. $3000 / Discount Price $2095 when demo'd

CONDITION: This flute is new / possibly dealer demo. It has been prepared for sale by a certified flute technician

This is the Brio Flute, featuring Sterling Silver hand cut head joint by Dana Sheridan, one of the most famous Flute head joint makers today.

The head joint accounts for more than 90 percent of the flutes tone and movement.

This flutes moves up down and all around with ease, and products a very rich fluid beautiful tone throughout the octaves. The high and low notes pop out with ease.

Articulation is fast, quick and the flute is very responsive.

This flute features
Sterling Silver head joint hand cut embouchure designed by Dana Sheridan

Sterling Silver Body and B foot

French Pointed Key Arms

Open holes

Offset G

white gold springs

C sharp trill key

c-gizmo key

French Case / Outer Carry Bag / Cleaning Rod / Plugs

A 442 Modern Pitch

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