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Gorgoues Pearl Elegante 795 Sterling Silver Flute

Ever so gently played condition

Solid sterling head joint (PF 8J cut fine tuned by Flute Maker)
Solid sterling body & B foot joint
Open holes
Offset G
Split E Mechanism
c gizmo key
Japanese Mid Wall .015
French Case (wooden - not case shown in photo)
Pearl Outer Bag
Wooden Cleaning Rod
Plugs if needed
Made in Japan
Modern Flute Pitch A=442 Hz

Plays beautifully low to high
Shows almost no wear
The case that this flute will ship in is wooden with a broken latch. You can replace the case. We often get new(er) flutes from Dealer / Demo without the original case.

Our Flute Maker has gone through this flute and fine tuned from every angle. He took the PF 8J head joint, and make some very fine detailed cuts to ensure every note plays perfectly from low to high. This is an extra you do not get even from the most expensive brands.

Flute plays with a rich full tone low to high, with fast movement up and down the scale

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