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Lovely 1973 hand made Powell Flute

This is my own flute that I am selling as it does need a better player and I just do not have much time to practice these days.

It has a darker rich tone with much color and tonal depth. Everyone who has played this Powell falls in love with the tone.

It was last serviced by Jon Landell who changed about 5 pads, and performed a full Clean Oil and Adjust. It has been played very lightly since that time (a year or so ago).

I have mated this flute with a 14kt Aurumite with 14kt riser from the 14kt gold hand made Aurumite flute. This combination produces such a colorful spectrum.

A perfectionist may want to have this flute re adjusted or re padded, however it plays very well as is and needs only a minor tune up if that. The pads seal well and are not old or worn.

There are various light scuffs that are difficult to see. No notable cosmetic blemishes. The flute is in perfect mechanical condition and all 3 pieces fit together properly.

Please call and I will go through the flute inch by inch to further describe each detail of this flute.

Technical Features
Aurumite 14kt head joint with 14kt riser
Solid Sterling Silver Hand made flute
Soldered tone holes
Open holes
Inline G
Gold Springs
French Pointed key arms
B foot joint
c-gizmo key
Powell French Case
A = 440 hz with 1970's head joint
A = 442 hz with Aurumite head joint
US Thin Wall .014 wall thickness