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This is a vintage, 19th Century black pre-Boehm design, made and played during the time of Beethoven.

It is often called a simple flute or baroque flute, or 1 to 11 key flute. This flute is the type of flute was replaced with the modern Boehm deisgn in the late 1800's.

It has recently become very popular again and can be played in smaller baroque chamber groups, folk festivals, reinactments. You will see this flute being played at Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA) along with the fife . For those of you who like to travel, Colonial Williamsburg is a fantastic place to visit vacation and learn for both children and adults.

This flute has een completely overhauled, sanded, revarnished, with new springs, pads, and corks.

It plasy at 440 hz to 442 hz.

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