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Yamaha 9kt handmde gold flute
Custom hand made 10 kt gold head joint with 14kt lip/riser and crown



Unused Condition. Perfectly set up and fine tuned.

Flute is handmade, 9kt gold (.0135 wall) tubing, closed hole, offset G, C foot, soldered tone hoes.

Head joint is hand made and cut to make flute sing. 10kt tubing, 14kt lip/riser and crown (.012 wall)

Sings with full gorgous voice fluid from low to high.

Fast engine at front end, moves flute gracefully no noise. Easy on the arms, fingers, neck, back.

Head joint made by Master flute and flute head joint Chris McKenna and will be shown at a later date

This is a fantastic handmade top of the line flute, at a fantatsic price.

Made in Japan, Yamaha 900 series

Designed For
This fute was design and handcrafted / handmade with the the orchestral player in mind. It maintains a focused tone, in any range, in any hall.

It is not big and bulky, yet is a mid wall flute. It is a very high quality classic flute that will last many lifetimes and will never go out of style.

Technical Specifications
Solid handmade gold head joint to mate perfectly with flute
Solid 9kt Gold Flute tubing (Body and C foot)
Sterling keys and mechanisms (gold plated to match flute)
Soldered tone holes
Closed Holes
Offset G
French pointed key arms
12kt gold springs
Case / rod / Leather outer bag / Box / Cloths, etc
Hand Made in Japan
A=442 hz modern pitch
Mid wall thickness .0135 wall

Keys / Ribs / Posts
Gold plated over solid silver (for longevity of stability and strength). Gold is a very soft metal, and solid gold keywork and mechanisms will "move and shift". Best a durable flute than more gold or softer metal where strength is needed.

Head Joint
Solid 10kt gold with solid 14kt lip plate / riser and crown

Hand made, hand cut to make this flute sing by Chris McKenna

.012 wall.

This flute is unused and was a custom order. The flutist did not finalize payment, so you will get a very good deal.

This flute was never used as a demo, and has not been in a flute store for show or "open box". It has been the hands of the craftsperson, and of course my own to ensure it plays correctly.

True Handmade Flute
This is a one of a kind true handmade flute. It does feature soldered tone holes, and was made in Japan by a mastercraftsperson.

This is a very comfortable flute that produces a glorious tone. It is not heavy or bulky, yet has a nice mid wall construction. The C foot joint enables ease of high notes, and soldered tone holes ensure scale accuracy, and add more depth to overall tone. The flute has plenty of bass thus, C foot joint is very appropriate.

Please call us for more information and visit the Yamaha website as well.

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Not sold with the head joint shown