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Solid Sterling Silver hand made soldered tone hole flute

Fine tuned by Flute Maker, overhauled, played by professional flutist and fine tuned once again. This is a sweet awesome flute.

It has a very light French tone, with lots of reasonance.

One of a kind.

Technical features
Solid Sterling Silver including keys and mechanisms
Open Holes
Inline G
French Pointed Key Arms
Gold Springs
C foot joint
A 400 hz

This instrument is a prized collectable wonderfully playing flute. It has the tonal color of a fine French Made flute, with plenty of reasonance. It is not a huge thick tone but very colorful, full of texture and very sweet.

Reginald Aitkins was under the employ of the Haynes Co. for over 5 years in the 1970's; as a result, the design of Aitkins' flutes have many qualities that reflect his experience at that famed company. Reginald Aitkins was somewhat of a reclusive man who lived in the countryside of New Hampshire. He never advertised and sold his instruments solely on players' recommendations

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Aitkins handmade $sold

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Aitkins handmade $sold