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This is a wonderful Altus 1007E (1107E) flute, a very nice professional instrument in lovely condition

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Technical Features:
Solid sterling cut sterling slver head joint
Sterling silver body
Sterling silver C footjoint
Split E mechanism
Closed holes
French Pointd Key arms
SP-1 springs
Offset G
Case and cleaning rod
Japenese mid wall .015
A=442 Hz

This is a mid grade professional Japanese flute by Altus Flutes (Altusflutes.com), and features a smooth mechanism, quick response, and a superb handcut embouchure.

New players, adult players, jazz players, professional players - this may be your flute if your looking for easy on the hands and embouchure, lots of sound, gorgeous tone, wonderful quality instrument, (also good looking).

I am terribly impressed with the sheer quality of the Altus flutes I have owned, and this one is no exception.

No holes to worry about - professional grade without the stress or strain on your hands, neck and body.

Closed hole, C foot flutes are played around the world by professionals !!

This flute is in great shape with no dents, dings or serious scratches of any kind.

Pads are clean and seal very well.

Please call me at 248 885 2583, email liz@winds101.comor liz@winds-101.com.

Global customers welcome.

4 day acceptance period.

248 885 2583
Prof. Altus / Sterling Silver $2799