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Professional Sterling Silver Altus 1007RB Flute

Technical Specifications
Solid Sterling Silver traditional head joint
Solid Sterling Silver Body and B foot joint
French Pointed Key Arms
SP-1 Springs
B foot with c gizmo a.k.a. high C facilitator key
French Case
Brown Outer Carry Bag
Made in Japan
A=442 Hz

This flute sounds lovely with a deep throat from low to high. Previous a jazz players "horn", this flute has a great vibe, is in excellent condition and has been well cared for.

The pads and corks are newer having been replaced and then worked in, in the past year

You can see some slight plating wear on the B foot; a cosmetic issue, not anything that effects the way this flute plays

All pieces are straight and fit together (no banana flute)

Keys move freely up and down without lateral shift or motion

This is a solid feeling flute in your hands

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