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Lovely Professional handmade Altus flute

Entry level Japanese high quality flute. This is one of the best flutes on today's market in this price range. It has excellent intonation, lovely tone, and a head joint that provides focus and is forgiving. This is a flute that will grow with you, and as you get better and better, you will sound better and bettter.

The flute is perfect (no scratches dings or dents)

The 807RE model

Head joint with solid sterling lip and riser (hand cut)
silver plated tubing and key work
French key arms
closed hole
offset G
Split E mechanism
C foot
Case and rod
A = 442 hz
William Bennett Scale

Beautiful pre owned condition (MINT). Shows minimal wear. Very clean. Pads are very clean and show barely and "play". This flute is in perfect and has been set up for the flutist by our technician

Who Should Play This Flute
This flute meets a very wide variety of flutists needs. While it features closed holes and C foot, it is considered to be a true Prof. grade flute. The head joint provides ease of play and creates a warm full tone from low to high. The keys and mechanisms are fluid, even and quiet.

This flute can be played by an adult or new flutist, and the new flutist will enjoy the flute while becomming better and better as they practice.

It can be used and is used by professional players, jazz musicians, orchestral players, and advancing students. It would make a fine flute for the conservatory college level flutist

You simply cannot go wrong.

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Altus 807R