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Gorgeous Professional grade Altus 907E flute, by Altus flutes (www.altusflutes.com)

This prof. flute is a fantastic flute. It sounds warm, open, and provides a fast response.

Hand cut Sterling Silver Altus head joint - traditional cut
Closed holes
Offset G
C foot joint

SP-1 Springs
Split E mechanism
French pointed key arms
SP1 springs
French case and cleaning rod
A =- 442 hz
Japanese mid wall .015
Altus / Bennett Scale

For those that want a professional performance, with the ease of closed holes, offset G, high E mechanism for smooth quiet high E and other notes, and a C footjoint.

Obtain perfect body balance, and start with this professional flute right from the start.

This flute is in mint ready to play condition.

It appears as almost new, but is pre owned very lightly played. The flute and pads are very clean and show little wear. The pads seal, the mechanism are fast, even, and quiet. The high notes are a breeze and play in tune with the split E mechanism.

MINT. No dings / dents or scratches

Small scratch on lip plate (sorry our camera won't show this)

This is a wonderful professional quality instrument that would be perfect for a pro doubler, adult player, or student.

This is simply one great instrument.

Comes with the original case and cleaning rod.

About Altus flutes
Altus flutes are held in the very highest esteem by professional players and technicians the world over. All Altus flutes come as standard with the accurate William Bennett (Wibb) scale, a responsive and durable mechanism, and a precisely hand-cut headjoint, customised for each flute. Altus flutes appeal to the player who has a classical approach to tone and wants a unique flute that is different from conventional offerings.


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