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Gorgeous NEW Professional grade Altus 907E flute, by Altus flutes (www.altusflutes.com)

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Solid Brittania silver (.958) head joint
Hand Cut embouchure

Body with open holes
Offset G
Split-E mechanism
French pointed key arms
C foot joint
Altus case, outer bag, rod.

This flute performs !!

The headjoint gives the flutist a quick response and a sweet mid and upper registers and a full-sounding lower register.

This is a wonderful professional quality instrument that would be perfect for a pro doubler, or an advancing student who prefers closed holes. Even an adult player just starting out will prefer this flute over the beginners flutes and other pro flutes that may be more difficult in the hands. For beginners, OK and a good idea as well.

It can also be enjoyed and used by any professional as a back up instrument.

The pads are in new condition and seal perfectly.

The mechanism is well-adjusted and plays smoothly.

Looks great and plays like a dream!

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