Zenfolio | winds101 | Altus 907E C foot $sold
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Professional Altus, fantastic performance.

For those that want a professional performance, with the ease of closed holes, offset G, high E mechanism for smooth quiet high E and other notes, and a C footjoint.

Obtain perfect body balance, and start with this professional flute right from the start.

All new pads / looks and plays like new

Altus Sterling hand cut head joint
Silver plated body / foot / keys & mechs
Closed hole
Offset G
Split E mechamism
French pointed key arms
C footjoint
Altus French Case
Altus Outer carry bag
Sterling cut prof. Altus headoint

Looks great and plays like a dreatm.

A truly gorgeous Altus 907E flute which features a great solid silver head with handcut embouchure, plateau keys, split-E mechanism, and a C foot.

This headjoint performs with a quick response and a sweet mid and upper registers and a full-sounding lower register. This is a wonderful professional quality instrument that would be perfect for a pro doubler or an advancing student who prefers closed holes.

Cosmetically, there are only a few light scratches from careful use and a very small tiny ding on the foot that is hard to find and cannot be shown via picture.

The pads are in nearly new condition and seal perfectly. The mechanism is well-adjusted and plays smoothly.

This is simply one great instrument.

Comes with the original case in nice condition and a soft Altus case cover.

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