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Wimberly Fajardo head joint

Thicker wall, metal sleeve / wedge / adjustable via crown

Conical bore

With case

This head joint produces a very rich thick tone on a metal flute

Baroque Style with fantastic intonation
Armstrong designed this headjoint to help improve the performance of my flutes by designing a headjoint that would prevent the upper part of the second octave from being slightly flat.

This wedge design eliminates this intonation problem in the second octave. The wedge augments the flute tone by making it more complex.

Raoul Fajardo patented this idea in 1977. The Armstrong Flute Company manufactured a wooden headjoint with a cylindrical bore using the Fajardo wedge. Their intent was to make a wooden headjoint for a silver flute, with the resulting tone being like a Baroque flute.

The picture shows the head joint (upper) and wedge (lower) which is inserted into the head joint.

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Wooden Head joint