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Solid Silver Bonneville Flute (C - A 440 Hz)

Solid Silver, soldered tone holes, seamed tubing, open holes, inline G, C foot joint, original case, A 440 Hz Pitch.

Auguste Bonneville was a 19th century Parisian silver-smith who subcontracted for V. H. Godfroy, and Louis Lot. In 1876 he set up his own workshop, making fine professional quality flutes for many years. His flutes were, and are, especially admired for their superior workmanship, lovely, characterful sound, and somewhat larger embouchures, which allow a bigger, more projected sound than the earlier flutes by Lot and Godfroy.

This is a very fine Solid Silver (hallmarked) Bonneville with original dual flute / piccolo case. It features the distinct Bonneville larger embouchure hole, open holes inline G, C foot joint, soldered tone holes, finely crafted with owners initials on flute and engraved in plaque on case.

Featuring our modern Boehm fingering system, after Boehm and Mendler but with our modern Closed G sharp. The keys are light in weight like our modern flutes. Overall lovely condition.

There are few marks where in past light surface scratch or slight ding in metal appear, after all this is a vintage and played instrument.

Overall, very fine and cared for over its years. Original case has place for piccolo (shown with our Kohlert piccolo also listed for sale under our piccolo catagory).

This is one fine flute that is a materpiece, not just for collecting, it should be played and enjoyed. It has lasted this long, it will continue to be a very playable enjoyable flute as well as an appreciating asset.

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