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Fine Bonneville Rosewood Flute

Conical Bore

Solid silver keywork

Every piece / part is original. The engravings are clear to the eye. Each piece is properly hallmarked with the french marking for solid silver (keys and mechansims)

This is a fabulous circa 1880's Bonneville flute, that came to use in a "time capsule". There is much dust (1/4 inch or so) ontop of the flute hence, it sat in a closet for decades.

The hallmarks and engravings are very clear and visible on all 3 pieces. The french hallmark for silver is clear, and as you can see, we polished on key on the C foot joint to a lovely shine.

It features our modern Boehm & Mendler design (circa 1847) but with our beloved closed G sharp, or what we now play. Thus you will pick it up and simply enjoy. No new fingering system to learn.

Pitched at our modern A 440 hz, this one is lovely for today's style. Our beloved Boston wooden flutes made pre 1930 are Low Pitch (A 435 Hz) and although those that sell these flutes state 'easy to play at 440 hz), this is imposssible.

With this Bonneville, it is possible to play at 440 Hz, and in proper intonation.

Note the fine craftsmanship of the keywork. We especially love the B thumb. The design of this keywork is more than appealing to the eye, it is a more stable design from a mechanical engineering perspective.

Each tone hole hand carved, is very proud. Thus, your pads will seal and seat and not move about.

Once upon a time not so long ago, flutes were softer instruments; not the loud bright in your face flutes of today.

This flute has the conical bore design, very popular in France circa 1880 - 1900, and plays softly and sweetly. The conical flutes have a cylindrical style head joint which allows for playing in tune, and more control over placing notes.

This fine flute is available as is, or fully overhauled by a wooden restoration expert.

We have priced this with a full overhaul, leather pads, playing as it should.

Please feel free to email or call with questions

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