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Colonne Pere, Bordeaux France Circa 1887 -1890

This is a VERY find 19th Century Classical Wooden French Flute, from the Bordeaux region in France. It features all sterling silver hallmarked keywork, hallmarked on the underside of each key. This is VERY rare.

We have overhauled, replaced the head cork and fine tuned the flute. We have yet to ever receive any wooden flute, even those stated overhauled, that do not need work. The head cork is often always neglected and there are issues here and there. This fluteis by far the best playing 19th Century Classical French Flute we have had in stock, and is perfected and ready for a player at the helm.

D Flute
Diatonic Scale (our US scale)
A 440 hz Pitch
Properly Hallmarked in wood
Hallmarked sterling keywork (under each key)
With outer bag

Lovely tone
Excellent intonation

This is a very rare highly collectable fine vintage French Style 19th Century Classical flute. It may be used for Classical, Latin or other styles of music.

Overhauled, ready for a player at the helm
Very rare flute for collectors

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