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Chapelain 19th Century Classical French Flute

Fully Restored

Gorgeous Tone

Sharply Cut French Oval Embouchure

Circa 1880

Has makers name and hallmark (Cock or bird)


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Circa 1890

Bears Chapelain Logo (Cock or bird)

This is a lovely blackwood French Style 19th Century Classical wooden flute, by Chapelain France.

Chapelain claimed to make flutes using the same methods of Godfroy Aine.

This flute plays effortlessly in concert pitch A=440 hz key of C, down to low D, diatonic scale.

All new KID brand white treated leather pads, high polish french finish, keys look new and solid silver.

6 french style keys, 6 holes, very sharp and resistant French Oval embouchure hole, fittings are all screw in type not pressure fittings

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