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This is a custom grenadilla wooden head joint with silver inlay.

This custom vintage wood headjoint with silver end cap, lip plate, and metal throat sounds great. It consists of 3 pieces

1). Silver End Cap / Crown / Cork assembly
2). Main Grenadilla Wooden Head joint
3). Soldi Silver inlay at embouchure area
4). Tuning Adapter

It plays and sounds very nice. It has been used with Powell, Haynes, Muramatsu and mnay other flutes wiht excellent results.

The grenadilla wood is in fine condition. The end plug and cork are leak free.

Due to the extremely large number of flute makers over many centuries, and the practice of most were not to engrave the head joint, its maker may never be known.

One thing stands true is its sound. It has a very round expressive warmth, with a little edge. It sounds good enough for studio recording or live orchestral situations, and provides a nice wooden tone with ample projection and response.

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