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Djalma Julliot Vintage French Flute 1938 / SN 472X

Boehm Style - Hand Crafted in La Couture Boussey

Julliot is the innovator of the Foster Extension, Split E mechanisms, and Split F#, and considered to be among the best flute makers, similar in quality to Louis Lot, Bonneville, and Godfrey.

This flute design was approved by Taffanel & Gaubert, and is a very important flute in history, as well a nice playing instrument

This extraordinary flute was hand crafted in La Couture Boussey, near Paris, in 1938. La Couture Boussey was the place where numerous of the best french instruments were made during the golden era. The most famous and creative flute maker from La Couture Boussey was Djalma Julliot.

This is a french flute handmade by Djalma Julliott, handmade in the year 1938. It is stamped with the french bore head, the French hallmark and engraved in detail on all 3 pieces. The engraving reads Body is engraved:

1938 - Djalma Julliot - La Couture Boussey (Eure) - Breveté S.G.D.G." in a cartouche, with a bird and a "DJ" monogram. Serial number is 472X.

The Djalma Julliot flutes are considered to be of the same quality craftsmanship and detailed construction of the most famous flute makers, Louis Lot, Godfrey, and Bonneville, and also feautre delicate and unique workmanship, such as the key cups, key arms, levers, unique C foot joint, foster extension on ody, perfectly cut french style oval embouchure hole, and very unique crown detail.

While the Julliot flutes were made with the same level of quality as the Louis Lot, Bonneville, and Godfrey, they were known to be preferred and played by many great flute players from the french school (Paul Taffanel, Philippe Gaubert and François Borne). This Julliot Flute is a bargain in today's market and surely will appreciate in value over time, as well as please the collector and player of the golden era french made / style flute.

Djamal Julliot published a book, called "La maison Djalma Julliot", which is shown in pictures and contains all types of wonderful information, written in French of course.

This flute is in outstanding condition for age, and has been fully overhauled and is ready to play.

There are no dents or dents. The hand engraving is lovely and detailed on all 3 pieces.

The pads and corks are new. The soldered tone holes are in excellent condition, and the keys and mechanisms and springs move freely.

It does come with the original case, which does work and hold the flute nicely. The buttons that llatch the case are in tact but a bit difficult to use.

Sounding length of 603mm, and plays nicely at A = 440 hz.

It will need some minor adjustments; that we shal take care of prior to shipment

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Lovely detailed engravingDelicate unqiue french key workC footSoldered tone holesNote new pads and soldered tone holesTenon Cap Covers