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Wooden Donlet Pigis Lefevre Flute circa 1880
Conical Bore wooden flute

VERY RARE and Fully Restored

Donlet Instruments (DON-LAY)
The Donlet woodwinds are highly prized and collectable. They are known as some of the most fantastic instruments; intonation, craftsmanship, quality. Many are in fine collections around the world.

Design / Godfroy
This flute, circa 1800's is very similar to the Godroy Patented flute of 1844. After research, this flute is clearly similar to the Godfroy; Patented EDRMS, this Act was implemented in 1844.

About the Maker (Luthier)
Luthier Adolphe Dolnet born 1848, started his business in 1880 as 'Dolnet, et Pigis'. In 1900 it was changed to Dolnet & Lefevre. Following Adolphe's death in 1911, his son assumed control of the company to 1945.

There were two partners in the Dolnet company, going by the names of Messieurs Pigis and Lefevre; their workshop was situated at Mantes, the historical 'heart' of France's woodwind craft workshops. This company was a fine luthier of woodwinds. The address of the company in 1890: ‘Donlet Lefevere et Pigis”, rue Turvingo 62, Paris.

Donlet went to exhibities or Flute and Instrument Conventions, Paris. Records indicate Exhibitions in Paris in 1889 and 1890.

As you can see, this instrument was made during this time period, similar to the Godfroy design, on our modern Boehm system yet with or modern closed G sharp, a deviation from the Boehm & Mendler patented design of 1847 which we now use and enjoy.

This fine instrument has been fully restored to its original glory by a wooden instrument restoration expert. It is intended to be played, enjoyed, and collected.

It uses or modern Boehm fingering system with closed G sharp; thus no new fingering systems to learn. Just pick up and play. It plays at A 440 Hz, our modern pitch, in the key of C, our modern flute key. Thus, this is a fantastic addition to your playable collection of fine instruments.

Technical Specifications - Donlet (DON-LAY)
Cylindrial Bore head joint
Conical Bore body and C foot
Boehm modern fingering system
Closed G# (what we now play)
French Key Arms
A 440 hz
Proper engravings and stampings
All original (less pads and corks)

In our New Langill Index:

About Donlet
Donlet WW1 Fl Mantes 1880-p1945

1880 established as ‘Donlet et Pigis’ by Adolphe Donlet’ (b. 1948; d. 1911); by 1900 the Company was known as ‘Donlet & Fefevre”.
Address: 1890: ‘Donlet Lefevere et Pigis”, rue Turvingo 62, Paris
Exhibitions: Paris 1889; 1990

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