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Very rare E flat (Terza or Opera)
High Pitch

Flute made by the C.G. Conn Company around 1913, in the modern Boehm flute system design.

This is a vintage collector's item and playable flute, made in the key of E flat Terza or high pitch, a pitch that is somewhere between that of the flute and the piccolo.

You may read and view more flutes in both High Pitch and Key of E flat Terza or High Pitch below. Both Boehm and simple system are shown.

The flute was totally hand made, with soldered tone holes, and was most likely a custom order.

I have only seen a few of these, and doubt there are more than a handful in the world. It is very similar to the treble G flute, which is also very rare.

This flute features a very nice ebonite head that gives it a more mellow sound than would come with a silver head. It also has very unique custom features that are rare and give this flute quite a quality of no other (please read technical details below)

This flute was originally pitched at A 435 key of E flat Terza. The head joint was cut down by .20 inches and the receiver was modified slightly make this flute pay 440 hz with decent intonation.
Other than the modification mentioned above, the flute is all original.

It has had new pads installed, was adjusted not too long ago, and plays well. Please expect to make a few adjustments as you break the flute in.

This flute comes with the original case with no latch, so the case must be held shut by rubber bands.

This is a collector's item and would be a nice curiosity for someone wanting to own and play a flute in the key of E flat Terza or from this period or era. This is again a very rare flute, unique and custom made, all original with slight modification. This originality and detail increase its value and will ensure appreciation of the years to come.

Technical Details
§ High pitch flute key of E flat (Terza)
§ 2 piece flute
§ Head joint original ebonite head joint
§ Body and foot are one piece design
§ Nickel plated
§ Soldered tone hoes
§ Unique french key arms silmilar to Lebret key design
§ Ebonite roller keys
§ B trill key
§ G trill key
§ Ebonite index finger rest with mother of pearl inlay or dot
§ B flat lever
§ crutch mating end (no crutch included)
§ Original Case Exc condition (does not latch well)
§ Key of E flat Terza (high pitch)
§ A 440 hz

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