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Farfelier Devred D Flute
France, Circa 1850
Mahogany Wood Case

ONCE UPON A TIME long before our current flute design...
This is a fine example of a French made simple system flute, the flute style used long before the current design, or what you now most likely use, we invented by Boehm (& Mendler).

It was used during the time of baroque or classical era, about the time of Bach. You may view the listings of composers and time periods at the URL below. For those that are not familiar with this style or old flute, just imagine playing Bach or Telemann using this very simple instrument!!

Many flutists have at least one Simple System Flute. They are often now called Irish, Baroque or 19th Century Classical flutes. They are collected, and also played in many forms and styles. Flutists are playing to challenge their capability. They wish to play the correct style instrument for the time period in re enactments (Colonial Williamsburg, VA), and small group baroque settings. Others use to play Irish music and some to create music using a different scale using 1/8 or 1/16 notes.

One very nice Cuban flutist recently played Cuban music using one of these flutes, wrapping strings around the holes to create 1/8 and 1/16 notes. My jaw dropped. It was fantastic; Cuban music in the 4-8 octave fast paced, with spunk and Latin beat.

This flute will do just about anything; it just needs a player at the helm with an airstream and talent. No reason to spend alot of money on a new Irish flute, in the key of D - buy the original!!

If you are a flute or music teacher, you may want to have this flute or one similar to hand to your students. A flutist that can play on a Simple System flute most likely can master any flute. It will make that flutists a better musician as to play you must know what the notes sound like and really be able to use your wind and airstream.

This very finely made French Flute, Simple System, Rosewood, unlined, with the traditional resistant French oval embouchure is very light in weight, and produces a gorgeous tone.

While light in weight and small in size compared to many new modern flutes of today, it is not a very easy flute to play almost like a kids recorder or toy, it is a very fine flute that takes some skill and will perform !!.

With wind and speed, this flute sings with a gorgeous tone. Those familiar with the French Oval embouchure know how resistant it is. This flute has the French Oval embouchure, and it is all original, no cracks and unmodified from the day the flute was made.

This flute is a very high grade instrument, it is the first flute that we have come across that has no need for a tuning barrel and was not made with a tuning barrel, as the intonation is built into the flute. It is also very unique in that is HP or high pitch with head joint fully pushed in A 452 Hz). With the head joint pulled out, you can play around A 440 Hz. Thus, this flute has a range A 440 Hz to A 452 Hz, unaltered from its original design.

As most know, pitch was not established until approx. 1930; most flute makers and flutists were creative and just "did their own thing". High pitch was fashionable in Europe, esp. London whereas low pitch A 435 Hz or so was favored in the USA.

This design is most creative and superb/ Very nice to have a flute that can span this range of pitch, in Rosewood with the French Oval Embouchure. You just do not find these every day. You can have one made, a reproduction, for about $2000 - but why buy a reproduction when you can buy the real deal that plays as it should, and is unmodified less pads, corks?

We have other German and French style Simple System flutes. Most are not worth as much as this one however, you may enjoy a lower cost vintage 19th Century flute that plays well (overhauled). We are not experts at all but if we can help, please feel free to call us with questions (248) 885 2583

OVERHAUL..its in the details
First, we started with a very finely designed (superior designed / engineered / made) flute.

This flute arrived to us in good condition (not playable), but with no cracks or damage It was fully disassembled and fully restored.

The head joint is unlined (there is no tuning barrel) and the tenon is firmly seated and airtight.

The embouchure hole is original and in perfect condition. The crown mechanism is fully functional with a new natural cork stopper.

All the pads are new white kid leather and all the cork bumpers natural cork All tenon corks have been replaced with all natural solid cork.

The axles, posts and keys were ultrasonically cleaned with the axles being oiled prior to reassembly

All of the spring / actions have been checked for ease of play and solid closure of keys

The body rings are tight and in perfect conditon.

The case is the original mahogany and has been relined to accommodate the flute perfectly.

The lock is functional but the key has been lost to history but a competent locksmith could either find or make one to fit.