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Very fine Rudall Carte Piccolo
One of a kind
Key of C / A 440 Hz Pitch

- Solid Sterling Silver Conical Bore Piccolo
- Seamed Tubing throughout
- Soldered tone holes
- 18kt solid gold lip plate
- Split E mechanism
- French Key arms and Key Cups
- Open Rings on right hand side
- Original Case with green velour and Rudall Carte, Co. Label
- Made in London, England
- Circa late 1800's to early 1900's
- Overhauled / Restored
- Key of C / A 440 hz

Venerable Rudall Carte & Co. London, England

This is the most exquisit instrument we have ever held in our hands. It is like a very fine time piece, that performs as an outstanding instrument.

It sounds gorgeous low to high, a gorgous no shrill tone. It will accept a slower airstream and still perform. With a faster airstream, this instrument lights up. It sounds like a higher pitched flute with much tonal color and depth; not a shrill piccolo.

The open holes and rings on the right hand side allow you to secure your fingers, as these tiny instruments are difficult to feel.

The keys move freely up and down and are very fast. No noise lateral movement or inconsistency.

The soldered tone holes and seamed tubing makes this a masterpiece, made for the musician who had deep pockets during the turn of the century when few musicians could even afford the new modern fingering system Boehm flute

This is our modern fingerng system with closed G sharp, and has an added split E mechanism for a very quiet high E, F and F sharp notes.

It is oh so comfortable in the hands, and to me piccolos feel oh too small to hold. This is an ever so finely crafted instrument the ultimate luxury of all.

With original Rudall Carte of London Case, Green Velour interior, and label.

Few metal imperfections as shown. No issues that effect tone. To be expected from the age. We do not machine remove antique marks.

Photos taken CLOSE UP with a very fine camera; piccolo looks better in person as your eyes cannot focus on the slight metal imperfections magnified in these photos


Hallmarked with the sterling silver stamping, and propely hallmarked with the Rudall Carte name brand.

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