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This lovely solid sterling silver flute was handmade by master flute maker George Haynes, bother to the more known William S. Haynes.

It is a lovely flute, all original, solid sterling, soldered tone holes, gold springs, original case.

George Haynes was the master flute maker, and the first flute maker to open a shop in Boston, MA performing flute repairs, and making the first Boehm (& Mendler) design, the flute key system we now use vs. the 19th Century Style flutes.

George Haynes met a flutists on a trip to Europe, who allowed him to use the Boehm & Mendler flute. That is how the Boehm flute design, our modern fingering system came to the USA.

William Haynes, bother to George was a business man while George more of the brilliant master craftspreson and tinkerer.

Thus, William S. took this design, made it under the William S. Haynes name brand in 1914, and submitted it to the US patent office in 1915. We sold the pre patent William S. Haynes flute from 1914, used to obtain the Haynes patent. We sold the flute year 2008 to a collector.

William went on to make all flutes in sterling or precious metals, hence putting the US flute makers on the world map of recognized and respected flute makers. Before that time the US flute makers were not respected at all.

George separated from his brother's shop, made his own flutes under his GEO Haynes name brand, also developed and invented the rolled drawn tone hole (extruded machine made), and later made partnerships with Schwelm and made Haynes - Schwelm flutes in the mid 1940's (shut down via law suit from brother William S).

This is a wonderful handmade flute, from the mastermind, the flutist of the Haynes family, the inventor and the owner of the first flute repair and making shop in Boston, USA.

A flute to be played with a wonderful sound, also for the collector.