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About this flute
This is a beautiful semi hand made solid sterling silver flute made by the George Haynes, brother to the more famous Haynes, William S.


Serial #3868

This is a great instrument!

It is a full size C well made solid sterling silver flute, yet is petite and a joy to hold and play.

The flute is all original sans pads / corks perhaps springs, with tenon covers and original case as you can see in the photos.

The keys move freely.

The head joint cut is original and lovely

The head joint body foot joint are in excellent mechanical and physical condition.

Playing Condition:
The flute was overhauled and then pushed into our back years closet. It has sat thus it is not in playing condition.

This flute does not play.

A full disassembly, change of oil, change of several pads, corks, reassembly and regulation.


George Haynes is the brother to the more famous William S. Haynes. The brother's began making flute head joints together in the late 1800's, and then grew apart as time moved on.

George Haynes traveled the world, was a very fine flutist, and opened the first Flute making and repair shop in Boston. During his travels, he came upon a flutist with a flute that was made in the Boehm style, the style we now hold in our hands. This Boehm style flute was invented by Mr. Boehm and Mr. Mendler in the 1800's, and was a huge improvement to the 19th century classical or simple system flutes that flutists used back in the days.

George was the creative thinker, tinkerer and inventor. He is credited with inventing or being a part to the invention of drawn rolled tone holes, a method of extruding material and rolling the tone hole vs. the more labor intensive process of soldering each tone hole by hand. This process allowed a Flute Maker to increase production and at this time in history, demand of fine flutes was very high with a waiting list of up to 5 years following order and payment.

When we think of Haynes flutes, we think of George's brother, William S. Haynes. William S. was an excellent business man, and sought to build a Flute Making company that placed the US on the world map of Flute Makers. Prior to this time period, the US was not respected by other Flute Makers and Countries.

William S. was very motivated to make his Company successful, rather unethical as well. He took the Boehm system flute, already patented in Europe, and patented the Boehm Haynes Flute in 1914. The Willam. S. Haynes Company was granted a patent for this design by the US patent office in 1915 and William was off and running developing a world class Company. He then made a very strategic business decision that is credited to making the Haynes Company so successful. Every William S. Haynes Flute would be made using precious metals or wood only, and would be a Professional high grade well made fine instrument.

Now, many ask how William S. patented a patented design. Remember back the days B.C. or before computers, before phones, television, I-Pads, information was very difficult to access. The US patent office did not check and search the world for patents already in place. Also, a few changes to the existing patent if known, would be allowed as a patent, a trick often used today.

By 1915, William S. Haynes Company was off and rolling. Orders were pouring in. The wait list was very long. Flutes were made using soldered tone hole method, until the rolled drawn tone hole method (extrusion) was invented and developed. This process allowed a Flute making Company to make many more flutes, in a semi production method.

Thus, the Commercial Haynes was now a product sold by the William S. Haynes Company and still played by many today. It features solid sterling silver construction, gold springs, Y arms in place of the French pointed key arms, and extruded rolled tone holes, in place of soldered tone holes. This flute could be make faster, at a lower cost, and was yet a remarkable instrument for professional flutists.

While William was building a very famous Company, George moved on to make flutes such as this fine George Haynes flute in Boston, MA out of his own shop. He then moved to New York, and made a few fine flutes. He also at some time forged a partnership with Selmer making very similar flutes. It seems, George was quite creative, yet had no ambition to create a giant Company, and enjoyed traveling, meeting new people, and making a few flutes here and there.

Later in life, George forged a partnership with Mr. Schwelm and made lower cost student grade quality flutes under the Haynes-Schwelm name brand. As you can imagine, William S. was not too happy to see the Haynes name associated with a lower cost student flute model. William sued George for patent infringement, and thus put the Haynes-Schwelm flute product out of business.

There are most likely many more stories to tell regarding the Haynes brothers and instruments.

This wonderful flute is a nice piece of history, and will be a wonderfully playing flute once it has been in the hands of a reputable flute technician.

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