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Well Made Grenadilla Wood Irish Flute in D

This is a lovely Irish flute in D, that came to us in need of some restoration. We have disassembled, oiled, replaced cork, changed head cork, etc.

It is now ready for a player at the helm

We are not so familiar with Irish Flutes and many did help us establish that this is most likely from the 1970's, and also a well built instrument.

The added foot joint allows for proper intonation at the mid octave C and C# notes.

Mr. David Shorey of Antique Flutes ( was very helpful. He looked this over, and I have posted his comments below.

Hi Liz,

This is a modern flute from stem to stern. It is neither French nor antique. The foot looks right in place with the body. In fact, this looks like a very lovely Irish style keyless flute; considering the apparent quality of the slide, rings, tone holes and embouchure!

All the very best, David

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