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Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Miyazawa Flute

This is a gorgeous perfectly maintained Miyazawa Solid Sterling Silver handmade flute with soldered tone holes. It flows from low to high with a gorgeous rich flowing voice.

It has no harshness in the voice, yet speaks quickly and provides ample projection and volume. It flows up and down the scale with balanced treble and bass. The soldered tone holes provide much texture and depth to the tone, which is what you do expect from a top of the line handmade flute wth soldered tone holes; each tone hole hand drilled, and soldered on the flute a custom order vs. the more mass made models that have rolled drawn tone holes.

This flute has a list price of approx. $15K when purchaed new along with wait time. It sounds and performs much better than the Brannen we recently sold at $11, 200. We have priced this very fairly, as we are selling for one of our students. This will be a fantastic flute for the musician.

Age: Approx 7 yrs old with low usage

It has been recently overhauled, and lightly played thereafter.
It looks almost new, no damage, dents dings etc. Pads show almost no wear.

It has had one previous owner, and adult amateur who enjoyed this flute yet did not put alot of miles wear or tear on the instrument.

The technical work on this flute is outstanding. It is the highest grade Prof. Flute you can buy. It needs nothing but a player at the helm.

Solid Sterling thin wall hand cut head joint
Solid Sterling mid wall body and B foot
Solid Sterling keys and mechanisms
Open Holes
Inline G
French Pointed Key Arms
Soldered Tone Holes
Straubinger pads
Gold Springs
B foot joint with high C gizmo key
French Case
A = 442 Hz modern pitch
Handmade in Japan

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phone: (248) 885-2583
website: www.winds101.com
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