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Stunning overhauled Commercial Haynes Flute #11919

This is a 1931 more delicate Commercial Haynes flute. It is smaller in size, and has a gorgeous tone from low to high. By far this is one of my favorites, as I do prefer lighter weight flutes.

This flute has been overhauled, and then gently played so it sounds really good. It is in ready to play condition and is very clean.

There is one area where the former owner engraved his or her name on the body (not uncommon - we see this often on high end flutes). Someone over the years did buff it off but if you look very closely, you can see it.

This flute is solid sterling silver with gold springs. It plays beautifully at A 440 hz, the pitch it was designed to play at with proper intonation.

It would make a fantastic flute for an amateur adult wishing to start or get back to playing the flute, and advaced player wanting a high quality more mellow lighter flute, even a younger student as it blows rather freely (not too freely), and sounds incredible.

It is a solid flute, will require little in maintenance, and will continue to play for many (perhaps hundreds) of years down the road. Haynes made the Commercial model to withstand outdoor playing and road travel, yet made to play as an orchestral professional flute.

Such high quality and priced so well that is puts to shame the new flutes on the market.

This area is shown in one of the photos.

The case is not an original Haynes case.

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