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Natural USA head cork

The US and Canada make the head cork you want in your flute head joint stopper. The chinese cork is not natural cork; it is particles mixed with resin, and does not allow the flute to vibrate.

You should change your head cork every 4-6 months. You will note a huge difference in the response or "punch" of your instrument, and how your flute plays.

Often, you can have small leaks or no leaks in pads, however if you have an older head cork you will have a softer mushy playing flute.

A new head cork can even make pad leaks disappear.

We can also provide instructions, and the grease needed for you to replace your head cork.

Every musician with a flute should be able to service their head joint, it is easy and necessary for the flutist to perform at their best

Our head cork is the best, sourced from the USA, pre drilled, and fresh.

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