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19th Century French Classical Flute

Restored to perfection

Kid Leather Pads

Rare J. Thibouville Lamy Flute Paris

19th Century Classical 6 Key wooden flute (1800's) Made in Paris, France of lovely rosewood

This is the real deal; a vintage flute by the master French flute-Jerome Thibouville Lamy, Paris.

The embouchure head joint is the french oval style, in perfect condition. Flute is overhauled and ready to play.

CLEARLY STAMPED (with trademark)

All pieces and parts were in Exc Condition pre overhaul. Have replaced pads with leather pads.

This flute has 4 pcs with tuning slide (bubble at the base). It is the simple system is a 6 key Simple System design.

You may play play with all modern music, as well as classical, Irish or folk, jazz, latin or Cuban

We do have several French made 19th Century Classical wooden flutes available. Please inquire.

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