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Jupiter Sterling Silver Flute

Looks and plays like new !!!

Gorgeous Jupiter flute (711RSBO) with 24kt gold plated lip plate

Sterling cut head joint (24kt gold plated)
Sterling Body and B foot
Open holes
Offset G
c gimzo key
French case
Outer Carry bag
A=442 hz

Cosmetic: Almost perfect. One slight scuff

Mechanical: Mint. Pads look new. Keys and mechs move freely

Tone: Gorgeous from low to high

Please contact us for more information

[email protected]
248 885 2583

Priced for cash sales

Prices do not include SHI, or any bank costs (our credit / debit / paypal prices are 3 percent higher)

New Jupiter 511RBS $499

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NEW Jupiter 1000RB $699

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Jupiter Alto Flute NEW $sold

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