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Tip Lamberson Flute

This is a lovely flute hand made by Tip Lamberson in the USA. Mr. Lamberson made flutes during the 1960's to late 1970's in his own workshop. This is one of his later flutes. Serial Number 380

Tip made exquisit flutes, described best by Gary Lewis in California. Our flute maker and flute technician have just fine tuned this flute thus a slightly higher price. Well worth the money for such a fabulous flute.

"Very solid tone with moderate resistance. Powerful for projecting through and orchestra, yet with flexibile for more intimate settings"

This flute is most similar to a Powell of this vintage, is on the Cooper Scale.

This Lamberson serial number places it in the 1970's, my own personal favorite time for flutes. Long before mass production, when every flute was so finely made as flutists would accept nothing other.

Where else can you find a handmade flute, at the same if not better quality than Powell of this vintage, for this price?

The keys and mechanisms are fluid, flawless and fast. The intonation similar to Powell on Cooper Scale A 440 hz deeper pitch, the emotions, color, texture that call be pulled from this flute is 100X that of any flute in this price catagory new. The soldered tone holes just give you that much more, and the quality and craftsmanship of this instrument is so fine, nothing compares less you spend $15,000.

The deeper richer tone is so lush, unlike the bright and airy tone of today. Most Jazz professionals and many adult flutists prefer the darker scale, and are purchasing the A 440 hz pitch flutes that we have. I personally play on a 1971.

Very suitable for advancing students, Conservatory students, Jazz Professionals, professional Flutists.

Technical Features
Solid Sterling Silver including keys and mechanisms
Gold lip plate
Soldered tone holes
Open holes
Hand forged / cast french key arms and mechanisms
B foot joint
c gizmo key
A = 440 hz pitch
Wooden Case
Leather outer carry bag

This Lamberson has been overhauled, and is in excellent plus playing condition. As soon as our technician peforms a set up, it will be outstanding.

No dents dings or damage.

Before we ship our technician will go thru this instrumet to ensure the set up is proper and the flute is playing at its best

You will not find a flute this fine at this price.

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