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SPLENDID Vintage Wooden Flute
Arsene Zoe Lecompte
This is a very fine circa 1880 Grenadilla African Black wood Flute made in France, custom ordered by a customer with solid silver keys & mechanisms, a more square cut embouchure hole, and a B foot joint. It is all original in restored ready to play condition.

It produces a very sweet yet full rich tone low to high. It sounds beautiful and will sound even better after the new musician plays consistently for a week or two to break in the leather pads.

  • Lovely engravings with makers name
  • Cylindrical Bore head joint
  • Conical Bore Body
  • Open holes (rings)
  • Solid silver keys & mechanisms
  • B foot joint
  • Original carved embouchure hole
  • Original leather bound embossed case no key
  • Modern Fingering system (boehm with closed G#)
  • Key of C
  • A=442 to 444 Hz

Fully Restored
  • Disassembled
  • Soaked in organic no nut oil
  • Keys & mechanisms polished / aligned
  • All new head cork / Kid brad treated leather pads / corks
  • Re assembled / regulated