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LEROY, PARIS Circa 1900

Fantastic tone !!

Sweet with full volume !

This is a fine example of a lovely French Wooden Flute on our modern fingering system at concert pitch. It has a cylindrical bore design, and a very sweet french tone, sweet and woody not heavy or baroque.

All original less or overhaul which included a full disassembly all new pads / corks.

It is a very well made high quality flute. You can see the fabulous undercut tone holes ensures pads seal, ribbing, rings, bubble at base of head joint, original and sharply cut embouchure hole, French keywork, and head cork design.

Lovely head crown and new cork

Key of C

Modern Boehm fingering system with closed G#

Pitch A=440 hz

This is a very fine Rose wood flute by LEROY, Paris circa 1900, properly hallmarked with the makers name. LEROY is a famous flute maker and although did not produce a huge amount of flutes, does appear as a name brand in the Langwell New Index of flutes.

This flute has a lovey tone that is very sweet in nature. It is also very well made, made to last many life times. The maker made this flute with ribbing as you can see, a french oval embouchure that remains quite sharp untouched and unmodified, French pointed key arms, reinforced mating tenons, lovely rings which remain intact, nice head crown design, and many other fine details.

This is a lighter weight flute that is joy to play, easy on the hands and arms, while producing plenty of volume. It features a cylindrical bore, thus will put out more volume while also maintaining the sweet traditional "french tone" of 19th Century Classical Flutes and Conical Bore flutes.

Total overhaul. Fine French finish. New pads, corks, oil keys aligned.

Repaired- cannot see ssmall cracks in surface

Jerry Schurr has worked his magic on this flute, and it sounds fantasic; guaranteed and warranted to never crack again (5 yr warranty) under normal use

You may pick up this flute and play it as you now play our current Boehm flute. This vintage french Rosewood flute features our modern Boehm fingering system with closed G#, or what we now hold in our hands and use today.

It is in concert pitch or A = 440 hz, as the French and other European countries played at a higher pitch during this time period (HP) than the US which played at around A 435. Pitch was not established for the flute until 1930, thus you will find many vintage flutes and our lovely US flutes such as Haynes, are often pitched too low (A 435) for most purposes.
Thus, you may enjoy this flute, at our modern A 440 pitch in the key of C with our modern fingering system. No need to guess as to which vintage flute will play at the correct pitch, or take the risk of buying a flute to have restored (many do not turn out as nice and the overhaul is very costly).
It is now ready for a player at the helm.

We were quite lucky and this flute arrived without cracks or defects, only needing hours and hours of a very fine and detailed work. Our wooden instrument restoration expert Jerry Schurr, spent months and months perfecting this flute, and the results are nothing less than outstanding.
The flute received a full disassembly, which by far was the easy part of the overhaul followed by a long cumbersome detailed process. Of course, this flute has all new pads / corks / head cork and fine alignment of the keys and mechanisms.
The results are a very fine instrument that plays with a sweet french tone from low to high. This flute plays as lovely as it looks. The high notes are very sweet and the lower notes have enough bass.
The flute features french key arms, closed holes, inline G and C foot joint. It is a lightweight flute as Rosewood is a lighter weight and thinner wood. The key style is quite beautiful, with French Pointed Key arms.
While this is a flute that could be placed into a collection, we enjoy overhauling flutes and believe flutes were designed to be played. Thus, this would make a wonderful flute for a player who wants a different sound, one that has enough projection and volume, that is sweeter in nature.
If you buy a wooden flute that is made in China, it is low quality unless otherwise proven and will be worth almost nothing in a few years. If you buy this flute it is high in quality as it is proven over many years, and it will retain its value and continue to appreciate over time.

Every now and then flutes change slightly when we ship. While this flute is playing perfectly now, and most likely will play perfectly when you receive it, please anticipate a few adjustments.

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