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Shown PRIOR to restoration

Circa 1830 - 1850

Very fine french rosewood flute

Exceptional quality

Rare find

Such fine detail; so well made it looks like artwork.

Real ivory (not bone, or plastic) rings, detailed ivory and silver crown, hallmarked solid silver keys. Letter "L" engraved on lower key

Not stamped; which is OK for this vintage as many were ordered by shops, and sold without logos, logos and name brands were not important during this time period. The world was small, flute maker name brand was not important.

Perhaps made by L. Lot due to the "L" engraved on each key, Godfroy, or Martin Freres.

For selling purposes, we are stating "in the style of Godfrey or Freres" as we have found very similar flutes, similar keys, styles, etc with Godfroy hallmarking.

View the very ornate ivory end cap. Very similar to a stamped engraved Godfroy in another flutists collection that looks just like this flute yet does bear the Godfrey logo on each piece.

The detail, materials, keys and mechanism design are so fine and would have required a very fine flute maker, and a buyer with a big purse.

This flute is in our own collection though every flute in our collection is for sale. If we were to keep every flute we liked; we would have a huge stack of flutes.

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