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Fine Martin Freres, Paris Flute RESTORED

This is a very fine flute by Martin Freres, restored with leather pads, new corks, new head cork. No case.

The Martin Freres (fr., Martin Brothers) Societe, was established circa 1840 in the city of La Couture France by (Fracois) Jean-Baptiste (Born 1817, Dec 1877), Claude Eugene (Born 1819, Dec 1874) & Felix (Born 1821, Dec 1896) MARTIN (surname).
These fine craftsmen hand-manufactured flutes and clarinets from ~1840 until their deaths.

The log on this flute indicates this is one of the "newer" historic / old Martin Freres flutes. In the late 1890’s, the Thibouville family of Paris took the baton and continued the Martin Freres tradition until ~1927.

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