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The Altair

The Altair model features pointed arm construction, enhancing the overall look of this Sterling Silver flute. As in the model, the Altair has hard-soldered toneholes giving the sound quality of a soldered model with the structural integrity of a drawn tone hole—a benefit generally found only on a gold instrument.

This flute follows in the tradition of the finest American makers, which in turn followed from the best of the French makers. The pointed arms are a hallmark of these symphony quality instruments.

The final stage in creating this heirloom quality flute is the voicing of all notes and registers.

This is a smokin' hot flute. It roars through the registers from low to high with ease, producing a full rich voice. This flute was evaluated by one of the best flutists with an ear for harmonics, and she declared it to be one of the best voiced or harmonized flutes you will find

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