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Miyazawa Sterling Silver Flute PA 401RH

This is a gorgeous pristine flute in prime playing condition. The prior adult owner played this flute gently, and took excellent care of this instrument.

This flute is now the PA 402, and I personally like the 401 model. It has a slightly smaller tube size (.015), feels lighter in the hands yet produces a gorgeous full tone with ample volume and projection

This flute plays beautifully with a rich flowing voice. It is not overly airy or bright as are so many of the brand newly made flutes of today, however does play on the modern A 442 hz pitch and puts out penty of voice. It flows easily and gracefully from low to high.

This flute is in prime condition, no damage dings or dents and excellent pads. It has recently had a COA.

Prior to shipment we will have our technician go through this flute again to ensure it plays as it should when you open the box.

An exellent step up flute for the advancing flutist with wind, a fantastsic flute for the Conservatory flutist or Jazz musician.
An adult amateur with a year or two of flute under their belt would find this the pefect flute, most likely the last flute they would every need.

The keys and mechanisms are nice and tight with no side to side shift or lateral movement (they move up and down only with a very light soft touch).

Exellent intonation, craftsmanship, and quality. This flute not only sounds great but is very durable, excellent "workhorse". It will last forever.

Solid Sterling Hand cut head joint finely tuned*
Solid Sterling Body & B foot
David Straubinger pads
Open Holes
Inline G
French Key Arms
Solid Sterling B foot with c gizmo key
Miyazawa French Case
.015 Japanese Mid Wall thickness
Modern A 442 hz pitch

*Our flute maker has finely tuned this head joint to make this flute sing and soar as it should

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