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This is the beloved Muramtsu EX III RB flute. It is in MINT unplayed condition. All that is needed is a flutist at the helm.

It is stamped:

  • The Muramatsu Flute
  • MA for Muramatsu America (rib)
  • EX III (Muramatsu model EX III)

Please call us if you would like the serial number. The Serial Number is the flutes identity, similar to a vehicle VIN number or our Social Security Number. There has been identity theft of instruments (those that loose their instruments and do no have the paperwork or serial number on file).

  • Solid Silver hand cut head joint
  • Silver plated body, B foot joint, keys and mechanisms
  • Open Holes
  • Offset G
  • Gold Springs
  • French Pointed Key Arms
  • c-gizmo key
  • French Case
  • A=442 hz modern pitch
  • US Mid Wall Thickness (.016)

This flute was made in Japan by the Muramatsu Flute Company, for export to the American Market*. Therefore, in addition to all of the EX flute features, this flute also has gold springs for a softer mor fluid touch, and is a US mid wall .016 tube size. The keys and mechanisms on this flute are finished so well, your fingers just glide from key to key. This flute is very high quality, and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

This flute sings with that rich rounded full Muramatsu tone from low to high. It has ample projection, volume and a wonderful response. This flute will meet the needs of a very broad range of players, from advancing students, adult amatures, jazz reed players, conservatory students, and professional flutes as a gig flute or back up instrument.

This flute will reward the flutist with fantastic intonation, quality, and tonal quality. No matter what Muramtsu flute you purchase, from this base Muramatsu EX model to the top of the line hand made, all are made with the highest craftsmanship, to the highest quality standards, and have that rich full tone of a Muramastu flute.
While the price is high for a silver plated body and foot flute, keep in mind that we have yet to see a Muramastu EX in this condition sell for a lower price (or if they do you may be in for a high cost COA or overhaul as you just cannot tell from pictures).
This flute is also the current model EX III, not the lovely but older EX. Thus, you can buy this flute now, play for years and if you take care of this flute, you can sell in the future if you wish and you most likely will not loose a dime; or if you take any loss it will be very small, and if you divide the amount over the years of use, your dollar cost per year will be very very low.
*This flute can be played in every part of the world. The MA stamping adds gold springs, and a slightly larger wall thickness only (.016)

One adult owner who just did not pull this flute out or play.
While this may seem unusual, we have seen this many times; the buyer receives as a gift, or the flutist intends to learn but never finds the time, or simply looses interest in playing soon after upgrading. The next flutist gets a fantastic deal !

I have to confess, I purchased a new Yamaha professional 62 Saxophone (brand new sealed in box), intending to learn. This never happened, and it was just too heavy for my back and neck. I played it once or twice, and then sold it to a young player.

This is an example of an adult purchasing a brand new (sealed in box) Prof. Saxophone, not playing the horn, and then selling. The new player received a MINT unplayed horn, at a substantial discount. These type of deals come around only once in a while.

We have sold many Muramatsu flutes over the years, and this one is as perfect as they come.
This flute shows no wear. No dings, dents, scratches, tarnish or even wear on the pads.
We have not refurbished this flute however, our certified flute technician will go through the flute inch by inch prior to shipping, to ensure everything is spot on when you open the box. All that will be needed is a player at the helm.

*Pads are the very high quality Muramatsu Pads, not David Straubinger pads

This is a $3550 flute when ordered "new". When you buy a "new" flute these days, it most likely has been play tested (demo) by many flutists, and shipped back and forth to customers for trial. Thus, it really is not a new flute unless sealed in factory wrap and box.

Why pay full retail price with a flute that has had the keys pressed by so many different flutists (which can throw off the key action as everyone presses with a different touch), when you can buy this flute at a fraction of the cost?

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