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Gorgeous, Muramatsu flute MINT

The Muramatsu GX Flute

This is a true gem, a Japanese made professional grade Muramatsu flute. This flute produces a lovely warm full tone, that is focused and clear from low to high.

This configuration (closed hole / offset G / C foot joint), is excellent for new players, jazz players, and adult players that do not want the stress of a longer foot joint, or hassle of the open holes. Many professional players in other areas of the world prefer this configuration.

This is a very durable, high quality flute that will last a lifetime. Compare pricing at approx. $5500 from other Muramatsu Dealers.


  • Solid silver hand cut Muramatsu head joint

  • Solid Silver body and C foot joint

  • Closed Holes

  • Offset G

  • French pointed key arms

  • Muramtsu French case and rod
  • A 442 Hertz

  • Made In Japan


No dings, dents or scratches.

Pads / corks look new and seal well

This flute features:
Solid Silver hand cut Muramatsu head joint
Solid Silver Body and C foot Joint
Closed Holes
Offset G
French Key Arms
Muramatsu case, rod
A 442 Hz

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