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Solid Sterling Muramtasu Flute

Fantastic, truly remarkable, all sterling silver flute from the great Japanese flutemakers at Muramatsu.

This is what they call their standard model, a predecessor to the current DN. This is circa 1970's with a deeper darker tone, lovely movement with a thinner wall head joint, and a lighter wall (.015) tube with smaller diameter compared to today's larger Muramastu "horns" The tone is smoother and darker, not bright nor airy. It sings with a lovely flute like tone, wonderful for solo group or other performance.

This C foot flute with opne holes features a very nice mechanism in excellent overall condition and pads that seal well. This flute is in overall exellent condition with a few marks to the head joint (upper end near cork area barely notable) and C foot (again barely notable). We are selling and have priced as is, in playing condition.

The buyer may order work from us, or ask for a head joint re cut and refinement (added cost). It is best the buyer play this flute first, and decide what they would like to do with it.

The right hand key action is not as perfect as it could be yet is not too off that one can not enjoy the flute

Solid Silver Flute including keys and mechanisms
Lighter wall head joint (.013-.014)
Mid wall body (.015)
Open hole
Inline G
C foot joint
Original Case and Leather outer carry bag
A=440 hz scale

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