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This is a wonderful Muramatsu closed hole flute with offset G, C foot.

It is a bit older (perhaps 15 to 20 yrs old), and is called the Model 120, which is now the Muramtsu EX.

It features a solid silver cut Muramatsu headjoint, silver plated body with closed holes, offset G, C foot.

This flute would be great for a Sax player, adult flutist, new flutist, even pro flutist as a back up instrument.

Like all Muramatsu's. it has a rich full wonderful tone that plays so evenly from low to high.

Some of the newer Muramatsu's play "bright" as I have been told by many flutists. This one plays bright enough while maintaining a more mellow tone.

In excellent pre owned condition.

There are no dents dings or large scratches. The HJ is shinny (buffed). The body is a bit darker color and not shinny like new - but hey it sounds great and feels great your hands.

Very high quality.

Please call me at 248 885 2583, or email liz@winds101.com or liz@winds-101.com.

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Muramatsu EX (120) closed hole flute $1599