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This is a vintage mark VI Selmer Baritone Saxophone. It is in lovely playing condition, 80 to 90% original lacquer/

ABOUT this Sax
This Sax is an early 1970's Paris model. It comes with the original case and neck.

This Bari is in very good condition. My technician is Sax player and has given it the thumbs up.

We probably have priced this too low as we see many Bari Mark VI Saxophones listed at much higher prices. As we are primarily a Flute Shop, we would like to sell our Saxophones and stick to flute.

At Winds101, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, so please all us.

If you are a Sax player doublingon flute, we can help you find a flute that will fit your unique playing style.

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US 48 states $95

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Canada: $150 to your door
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Other countries, please ask

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Note: Orders placed after Dec 12th 2006 will ship out January 4th - 7th, 2007

If we are not available to take your order and you wish to purchase this flute as a holiday gift, please send us an email (liz@winds101.com). We will reserve this flute for you, and ship out as soon as we can. You can take a picture of this flute or any of our instruments, and place it under the Christmas tree.

Don't worry, we have a 3-day acceptance period
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