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This is a gorgeous wooden flute by Carl Fischer, most likely made by Rittershausen.

It has been fully restored to full playing order, and is priced at the cost of the overhaul alone.

It is a modern flute design (Boehm), and plays just like the vintage Rittershausen flutes, that were imported by Carl Fischer, NY pre 1945 and given that Mr. Fischer was an instrument Dealer and had a strong relationship with Mr. Rittershausen, we believe this was made by Rittershausen and stamped with the Fischer logo, or a "shop flute" which was common in that time period.

If you want a wooden flute, this flute is a tremendous value as compared to the price of new.

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This flute is gorgeous, with rings and crown insert.

This flute has been completely disassembled, with all ribbing removed before cleaning and re-oiling.

The metal parts were disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned down to the adjustment screws. Following a thorough drying, they were lightly oiled (pivot screws and internal rods).

The upper main joint male tenon is all metal (an unusual and very fine original optional factory installed feature).

The pads are new PRECISION® yellow double bladder, mediums.

The original case has been restored (as it was falling apart at the hinge).

The wood has been sanded and seven coats of polyurethane mahogany stain for both beauty and protection were applied.

The interior of the case was relined with a deep purple velvet using the original wood inserts as underpinnings for the proper seating of the flute. The hinge is new but the lock and case hardware are original.

Included is a rosewood crutch and vintage swab. This C. Fischer is a treasure that is both collectible and a delightfully playable flute.

Please note that this flute will take some breaking in, and re adjustments, and is priced accordingly.