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Professional Grade Flute

Emerson Deford, Master Flute Maker, made flutes in his ELK. IN facility for over 40 yrs. The flutes he made were student - semi Prof.
Before he retired, he wanted to make Boston Style Flutes, as his Legacy to flute making

​Each Boston Legacy flute is unique handmade and fantastic. They are a steal of a deal

Solid sterling 925 silver flute including keys and mechanisms.

This flute was made by Emerson Deford (ELD) in his Elk. Indiana USA facility. Wm. S. Haynes often shares the Emerson Facility.

This flute has all of the top features desired in a Prof. Flute.

100% Solid Sterling Silver flute i

Sterling hand cut head joint

Sterling Body, B foot, keys and mechanims

Open Holes

inline G

French Pointed Key Arms

12kt gold springs

c gizmo or high C facilitator key

D# roller key

French Case / Outer Carry Bag / Cloths, rod, etc

A 442 Hz modern pitch


Note: This flute has a D# Roller Key. We do have the base model with no added extras, and a few with C# trill keys.

Emerson made these flutes, and then decided not to market the flutes as he sold the brand name. Thus, we have fantastic pricing on fantastic Prof. Grade flutes.

The sticker price on this flute is $6000, and there are folks who are asking $3000 to $4000 on the used market.

His Boston Legacy piccolo may still be found at some dealers, and is in demand.

Ships worldwide

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