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This is a lovely vintage French flute from Paris Paul Beuscher.

Paul Beuscher 1914-1936
Maker of fine flutes
Located in Paris, France
Address: 19 boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Features include:

Open holes
C foot
Silver plating over maillechort*
*(nickel-copper-zinc alloy used by many of the best French flutemakers of the day. T

As you can see from the pictures, this flute looks very nice with only a small amount of plating loss. There is a lovely fancy rown and elegant engraving on the headjoint, features usually found only on quality French instruments.

This instrument was most likley made by one of the better flutemakers for sale in the Beuscher store.

The flute has recently been completely overhauled by ace repairman, and has all new pads and corks. It is in wonderful playing condition.

The sounding length is 603mm, typical for flutes of that period, so this flute is easily playable at 440 with good intonation.

This flute produces a very sweet, French sound (the typical "French tone"), with none of the brassiness of modern flutes.

This flute does come with a case believed to be the original case with no key (cannot be sure).

We have added a leather case cover that fits the flute and keeps the case closed and protected.

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