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Prof. Miyazawa PCM flute = brand new
Sterling Silver head joint fine tuned / cut to flute

This is a lovely Professional grade PCM Miyazawa flute. PCM material is approximately 60 percent silver, with 30 percent copper. The copper adds a very warm tone, and provides lovely projection.

It is comfortable in the hands, with closed holes, offset G and C foot joint. This flute features a solid sterling silver head joint, and it moves fast with a full rich tone full of color and contrast. Easy on the embouchure with fanastic results from low to high. Beautiful clear crisp notes, easy on the embouchure without noise or chop, easy bright treble and beautiful warm bass with a centered tone in every direction.

Yes, you can have it all !

This is a brand new flute, yet played a bit lackluster when we received it as the Miyazawa head joint seemed to be just slapped onto this beautiful instrument without much though in the "pick your own head joint" marketing approach of today. When spending this amount of money, the head joint should be crafted and cut ever so finely to make the flute sing at its best.

This is the perfect instrumetn for the jazz player, reed doubler, advancing to advanced flutist or adult amateur wanting all the benefits described above in a brand new flute with fast quiet key action and a very comfortable configuration for less stress on the back neck fingers.

Technical Features:
Sterling head joint fine tuned to flute
PCM Material flute (60 percent silver with 30 percent copper for warmth and projection)
Closed holes
Offset G
French Pointed Key Arms
C foot joint
Made in Japan / Miyazawa head joint refined and fine tuned to this flute in the USA
A 442 hz

Brand New